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Welcome to Dojo, Solana’s first Telegram-native launchpad where crypto warriors come to master the market. Step inside the dojo and discover what's hidden within: a curated selection of the most promising token presales, vetted by our sensei and ready for you to invest before the rest of the world catches on.

In this dojo, knowledge is power. Join our Telegram group to arm yourself with insights on projects poised to moon. Whether you're a black belt trader or a rookie ready to start aping, Dojo is where you buy before the rest and unleash your potential. Enter the Dojo!

Recent launches

Recent projects launched by the DOJO team


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Launched 24d xh ago


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Launched 10 d xh ago


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Launched 10 d xh ago


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Launched 10 d xh ago

How it works

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Step into our Telegram dojo and join a community of crypto warriors ready to master the market.

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Token Information

  • 15% of the supply will be used for marketing efforts
  • 15% of the supply will be allocated to the team
  • 70% of the supply is reserved for adding liquidity for the DEX launch

$DOJO Token Address:


Phase 1

  • DOJO bot launch
  • Security & transaction deployment
  • Purchase presale tokens through DOJO
  • Insights from crypto community enthusiasts and experts

Phase 2

  • Meme Coin Generator launch
  • Custom token creation and presets
  • Help guides and market insights
  • Tokenomics and marketing toolkits and more.

Phase 3

  • Master the new advanced tools
  • Join global DOJO events
  • Integration with NFTs and DeFi for more cross-platform synergy and investment potential.

How to participate

1 - Join Dojo Telegram

Step into the DOJO community on Telegram. Connect with fellow crypto enthusiasts and get real-time updates on the latest and most promising meme coin presale events.

2 - Register for presales

Don't miss your chance to be early. Register through the DOJO bot to gain access to exclusive presales. Ensure your spot is reserved in the next big meme coin offering.

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What is Dojo, and how does it work?

DOJO is a dynamic platform that connects investors with presale opportunities in the emerging meme coin market. It works by curating and vetting upcoming tokens, ensuring a secure and promising selection for our community members.

How does the Dojo Telegram group work?

The DOJO Telegram group is a vibrant community space where members receive updates on the latest presales, discuss potential investments, and get exclusive access to token launches vetted by the DOJO team.

How does Dojo vet projects?

Our experts analyse each project's team, whitepaper, roadmap, and community engagement. We perform due diligence to ensure that only legitimate and potential-filled tokens are presented to our members.

Can I launch my own token project through Dojo?

Yes, DOJO provides a comprehensive platform for creators to launch their meme coin projects. We offer guidance through the process, from concept to launch, ensuring your project is ready for success.

What types of token presales can I find in the Dojo?

Inside DOJO, you'll find a wide variety of pre-sales ranging from high-potential meme coins to innovative utility tokens, all rigorously evaluated to meet our standards of quality and potential for growth.